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10 Best Folding Saws For Backpacking 2023

    10 Best Folding Saws For Backpacking

    Folding Saws For Backpacking Buying Guide & Reviews

    When you go outdoors, there are multiple factors you have to take into account. Making a fire, finding or building shelter and taking the right gear with you is essential to survive in a tough environment. Many times there is the need to gather wood for either using it as fuel for your fire or making a makeshift shelter with it.

    If not enough is lying on the ground, your only hope is to saw it directly out of the forest. A good tool to bring with you for that occasion would be the folding saw. Its many sharp teeth and great portability allow it to be used by any survivalist who has some free room in his survival backpack. Simply fold it together, store it away and you are ready to go.

    To make your search easier, we made a review of the 10 best folding saws for backpacking that were personally rated by their users.

    1. Silky Ultra Accel Professional 240mm Curved Folding Saw

    To start our list of the best folding saws for backpacking, we decided to put an absolute favorite among many on our 1st place. It is made out of high-quality steel that makes it easily portable without worrying to damage it. Its 9.5 inches long blade has sharp and durable teeth that allow it to effectively cut through the toughest wood.

    The curved size also increases the speed and efficiency when used, making you use less energy, which can be crucial in a life or death situation. It has got one of the best ratings on Amazon, thus making it one of the best of its kind.

    2. Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw

    With only 0.1 kg of weight and a serrated steel blade, it easily outperforms most of its competition. This folding saw helps you cut through wood like it is butter. When folded together, just press 1 button on the side and it opens without the need to manually do it.

    The handle is made out of reinforced glass-filled nylon to ensure durability and a firm grip, which you need with a gear piece of this type. It was also designed to have a locking system for when you are using it. All of the features it offers make it a great addition to every survival backpack or bug-out bag.

    3. Hooyman MegaBite Hunter’s Combo Handsaw

    Another product that has almost a perfect rating on Amazon and a huge community of fans all around the world. When fully extended it measures 17 inches, whilst folded only 9.5 inches. The package contains a blade for sawing, a blade for bones and a nylon storing pouch.

    Because of its high-quality carbon steel that it is made out of, it promises a great cutting experience and a longer lifespan than other average folding saws. The double molded handle gives a sturdy and safe grip when holding it, ensuring no accidents happen.

    Because of its versatility and popularity, we can say with confidence that this product counts as one of the best folding saws for camping currently available on the market.

    4. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

    A simple yet effective tool that promises to accomplish many different tasks. It features a folding saw with a 7.5 inches long blade. Its 7 metal teeth per 1-inch promise to cut through wood, plastic or bone easily, making it a versatile gear piece when going outdoors. It is coated to ensure it doesn’t rust at any point, thus giving it a long life-span.

    The handle is made out of plastic and has a leather strap attached to it. When holding it, you will see that it fits in your hand like a glove and ensures a tight and safe grip while using it to cut or saw through practically anything. With several thousand great ratings, it is counted as a favorite among many hunters and campers, thus giving it the title of one of the best folding saws for camping currently available.

    5. Silky GomBoy Curve Professional Folding Saw

    The next folding saw on our list is an updated product from the brand Silky. It is said to currently be the number 1 sold folding saw of the brand, making it fit to take a place on our top 10 list. It features a curved blade with sharp teeth on it that promise to easily saw through any tough wood.

    When fully unfolded, you will see that the 240mm long blade, in combination with the design of the handle, provides you with a great and effective method for making firewood or building a shelter when outdoors.

    The package also includes a carrying case to safely transport it with you. With an overall great rating on Amazon and amazing feedback from its users, picking this folding saw would be a good investment to your next trip into nature’s arms.

    6. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

    A specially designed folding saw that can extend to a length of 5 feet. It is a great tool for reaching branches out of your normal reach. When folded together it measures only 12 inches, making it a great pick for the ones who intend to also use it at their home for doing work around the house.

    The construction is made out of very durable aluminum, whilst the blade is made out of high-quality steel to ensure a great cutting experience and a long life-span. To make it even more portable, the saw itself can be detached from the extension to make it smaller, thus more practical to take with you in your survival backpack.

    7. Felco Folding Saw

    With its large sharp teeth and the high-quality steel blade, it can easily saw through any wood with the lowest possible force needed. The blade is impulse heated, which makes it very resistant to corrosion. This folding saw for backpacking was designed to not clog and prevent tree sap from building up between its teeth.

    Tree branches up to 4 inches in diameter are promised to be no match for this reliable piece of equipment. Because of the non-slip handle, it assures a great grip and effective sawing with minimal effort. With a 6 inches long blade and a total weight of 5.5 ounces, it makes for a great and practical folding saw for any occasion.

    8. Silky Professional Series PocketBoy Curved Blade Folding Saw

    Because it effectively saws through wood either by pulling or pushing, it assures effectiveness for any occasion. Although the blade only measures almost 6 inches in length, it can still be useful for cutting down branches for firewood or for cleaning your backyard. Because the blade was impulse-hardened, it promises to stay sharp 3 times longer than other regular blades.

    The package also includes a hard plastic belt case to safely store it away without the risk of losing it on the way. With its high-quality blade, small practical size and overall effectiveness, it counts as one of the best folding saws for hunting currently on the market.

    9. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw

    With a blade length of 10 inches and equipped with 3 sided razor-sharp teeth, it can cut through 5 inches wide logs easily. Because of the rubberized handle, you will have a firm and comfortable grip even after using it for a longer time. The blade can also be easily replaced if the need arises.

    Each inch of the blade has around 6 teeth attached to it, which makes sawing with this product very efficient and easy. It was also impulse-hardened to give it a longer life-span and to ensure protection against outdoor factors. With a very high rating and numerous people claiming it to be a good purchasing choice, it has enough great features to make it onto our list of the 10 best folding saws for backpacking.

    10. Fiskars Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw

    With triple ground teeth and a greatly designed handle, it promises to be of great use when sawing through even the toughest wood. To ensure it is of great use even when trying to cut difficult-to-reach logs or branches, it can be locked in 2 different positions.

    Because of its hardening process, while being manufactured, it can resist a lot of pressure and has a longer life-span than other average folding saws on the market. With a blade length of 10 inches and weighing only 0.03 kg, it can be said for sure that it makes a great addition either when going camping or hunting.


    To ease your woodcutting while outdoors, why not take a folding saw with you next time?

    We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.