10 Best Tent Stakes 2022

10 Best Tent Stakes 2022

Best Tent Stakes
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Tent Stakes Buying Guide & Reviews

Having any type of shelter to protect you from the weather is crucial to ensure the time spent outdoors is safe and comfortable at the same time. Either going camping or stranded somewhere in the wild because of a disaster situation, keeping yourself dry and protected from the wind and wild animals is one of the basic rules of surviving.

There are multiple factors you have to pay attention to before deciding to put up a tent. Wind strength, what type of ground to build on and what type of tent to build are all important factors and decisions to make the most of the experience if not even decisions that may save your life one day. People many times don’t pay attention to it, but deciding what kind of tent stakes you take on your trip is also important.

Having something to anchor your tent to the ground effectively and reliably could be a choice of picking the right product for you. You don’t want to be in the situation where the wind knocks over your tent in the middle of the night because of strong wind and bad quality equipment. To make your search easier, we made a list of the top 10 best tent stakes currently on the market, personally rated by their users.

1. Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Pop Up Tent Stakes

The first product on our list features a great decision for going camping with your family. This package of 10 metal tent stakes with added rope provides you with reliable equipment for going camping. The stakes are made out of galvanized steel, which gives them great resistance against corrosion, thus giving them a longer life-span than regular items of this type.

Each stake is 10 inches long, allowing you to firmly anchor your tent to the ground with their help. Their large head makes it possible to use a hammer and ram them into the ground without damaging the tent stake in the process. All in all, this product has been purchased many times on Amazon and has one of the best ratings overall.

2. MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit

Another bestseller that made it to our list. This time featuring a package of 6 separate durable tent stakes with great efficiency. They were designed in a special “Y” form, which allows them to be easily stuck into the ground, whilst enhancing the grip of the tent rope.

Not only are they colored in red to make them more visible on the ground, but they also have a reflective pull loop attached to them, which helps you easily pull them out. The special aluminum material they are made out of makes them durable and very lightweight.

Each stake weighs approximately 0.46 ounces and measures 7.5 inches in length. Not only their special design but also their effectiveness gave them a lot of popularity over time, which can explain their great rating currently on the market.

3. Wise Owl Outfitters Tent Stakes

The Y-beam design makes the next tent stakes on our list a good companion against the strong wind since it offers great grip in the ground and the tent rope. No matter the soil you are camping on, it shouldn’t be a problem for this sturdy and reliable product.

They are made out of strong aluminum and promise to not give in easily. Each separate piece weighs only 13 grams, making them a lightweight and portable item to take on any camping or hiking trip. To make it also as efficient as possible, you get 16 of these metal stakes all stored in a convenient carrying sack with highly visible red pull cords.

4. Hominize Camping Tent Stakes

As simple as they may look, the next tent stakes on our list still provide you with a great option of anchoring your tent to the ground. Made out of rust-resistant material and made to last for a long time. The whole package includes 8 ground pegs with each measuring 10 inches in length and a storage bag to safely store them away while carrying them.

They have fairly large popularity on Amazon and a great rating on top. The brand is also very confident in its product, thus offering a 100% refund if not happy with its product for any reason.

5. Lvgowyd Outdoor Tent Stakes

Being 10 inches long and having a spiral body gives the next tent stakes on our list a special place on our list. They are fairly easy to use. Just simply stick them into the ground and start rotating. Because of their special design, they provide you with an easy method of anchoring your tent without the fear of wind blowing it away.

Although they are made out of plastic, it is still promised to be very sturdy and to withstand outdoor adventures greatly. If you are still hesitating about buying this product, don’t worry. The brand promises a full refund if not satisfied with the product for any reason.

6. Eurmax Heavy Duty Steel Tent Stakes

With a length of 12 inches, these metal stakes are longer than average products of this type. Since they are made out of high-quality steel, they are very durable and effective when it comes to sticking them into the ground.

Because of the flat top part, you can easily hammer them into the ground without much trouble. The whole package contains 10 separate metal tent stakes that have a long life-span. The simplicity of their build and the effectiveness when used gives them one of the best ratings currently on the market, thus also giving it huge popularity.

7. ABCCANOPY Camping Tent Stakes

Designed for simplicity without risking lowering their effectiveness. The top is colored in bright orange color, making it easy to find them in the grass. Each separate stake measures 11 inches in length and is made out of galvanized steel, giving it great resistance against corrosion and a long life-span.

The tip is narrower to make it easier for you to hammer it into the ground. The whole package also includes 4 pieces of 10 ft. rope and 1 additional PVC top for the ground pegs. This would be a great choice for anyone who might try making a tent when the sun is already down since the stakes can be easier seen because of their orange top.

8. MUDOR Plastic Tent Stakes

Although they are made out of plastic, they still promise to be very useful when anchoring your tent to the ground. The plastic is designed to be very durable and to not let you down on windy days. By purchasing this package you get 12 of these yellow-colored ground pegs.

One of the benefits that make it better than other products of this type is that they can’t rust like their metal brethren. Each separate piece has a length of 12 inches, making them also one of the longest on the market. All in all, great portability, reliability and even effectiveness.

9. SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs

Specially designed heads of these metal tent stakes allow you to either hook or use the hole in them to tie the rope to it. The pointy tip gives you an easier method for sticking and hammering them into the ground.

Because they are made out of galvanized steel, they promise to be very resistant to corrosion and rust. Each separate item has a length of 10.5 inches. The whole package consists of 20 metal stakes, making it a great choice to be used for family camping trips or outdoor adventures with friends. The brand also claims it is very effective in many types of soil.

10. Pinnacle Mercantile Tent Stakes

The last product on our top 10 list features one of the simplest designs yet. These steel rods are 9 inches long and have a 1-inch hook integrated into them. Because of the thin but sturdy body, they can easily be stuck or hammered into the ground.

The great thing about them being so simple built is that they don’t take away much space when stored away. Depending on the number of metal stakes you need, you can purchase this product in a batch of 10, 30, 60 or 120. If you are looking for something simple but effective, this is the right product for you then!


Enjoying a night out in the wild can quickly become a pain in the neck if the weather turns from good to bad, especially if you didn’t use quality tent stakes and a strong wind starts blowing.

We hope this article was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.


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