10 Best Camping Shower Tents 2022

10 Best Camping Shower Tents 2022

10 Best Camping Shower Tents 2022

Camping Shower Tents Buying Guide & Reviews

Going camping with friends or family is a great way to bond and spend some quality time together. Exploring the vast outside world and having a good time at the same time, was never as easy as in these modern times. Of course, to make your stay outdoors as comfortable as possible, the use of certain survival gear is necessary.

Some of the gear is important for keeping you safe and unharmed, like a tent, fire starter or the right survival clothing. But there is also gear that gives you easier ways of spending your time in nature’s arms. One of these objects is the camping shower tent. It is meant especially for those who are shy in public and want to have some privacy while showering.

It is most commonly bought for groups of campers that include at least 1 woman amidst them. These outdoor shower tents have many beneficial features that make them perfect for a trip into the wild. To make your search easier, we made a list of the top 10 best camping shower tents below, personally rated by their users.

1. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

The first item on our list is a bestseller currently on the market and is made out of polyester. It is said to be tall enough to provide a comfortable area for even very tall people. It was designed to provide a large entrance for easy access and great ventilation, to ensure it doesn’t get too hot inside.

Not only is this camping shower tent great for going camping, but also usable for any opportunity involving changing clothes in public or even as a method of providing yourself with a portable object to give you shade, thus protecting you from the hot sun.

The frame of the tent is made out of galvanized steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. The package also includes 1 additional bag for storing your smaller items like your phone or tablet, and 1 clothesline to hang your wet towels and clothes on it. One of the features that make this product so popular, is its pop-up design. Just take it out of its bag and throw it into the open. It will pop up by itself in mere seconds.

2. Green Elephant Pop Up Tent Shelter

Another favorite among many outgoers. The next camping shower tent is made out of high-quality polyester that is promised to be water-repellant. The tent was made in a size that allows a fully grown person to stand in it without worrying about free space. The integrated mosquito netting and the opening on top for showering help the air circulate within, thus always having a fresh environment around you.

The whole package also comes with many additional utility items, such as numerous different hangers for all your showering and personal items to hang, a shower opening and a carrying bag for the portable shower tent.

Also, several pieces of gear are added for stabilizing the outdoor shower tent in heavy wind. All in all, this product features a comfortable and reliable way of either showering or changing clothes outside your home. People gave it an exceptionally high rating, because of its multi-purpose features and the fact that it is set up and stored away in mere seconds.

3. GigaTent Portable Pop Up Pod

Another great pick on the market that has a very high rating on Amazon. This product isn’t specifically promoted to be a camping shower tent, but offers a lot of other features, making it great for outdoor activity of any form. It comes in the color black, thus making it warmer when put on direct sunlight.

The zip, with which you open the door, is sturdy and promises a long life span. Since this pop up shower tent doesn’t have a floor, you don’t have to worry about making it dirty. Also while you shower the excess water will simply just flow through the gap below, ensuring everything is returned to nature.

Because of its portability and lightweight, it is also a great choice for changing clothes anywhere outside your home. Just take it out of the carrying bag, throw it on the ground and wait a few seconds. The pop-up mechanism gives you the advantage of not moving a muscle when setting up this portable shower tent.

4. Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent

The next camping shower tent on our list features a product with a bit more effort on details. It is one of the best products currently on the market, which can also be seen on its fairly higher price than others on our list. You need a bit longer to set it up, but once it is standing, you won’t be disappointed!

It features enough room for an adult to freely shower inside without worrying about having not enough space. Inside you will find several hooks and hanging pockets to store your personal items in them and to hang the solar shower bag. It was made out of a durable material that doesn’t let any light through, thus also not casting a shadow on it and ensuring absolute privacy.

The fact that you are unseen when inside it, makes it also a great choice for an outdoor toilet when going camping. Since the setting up of the outdoor shower tent takes a bit longer than other products of this type, you can be assured that it will stay in place secure for the whole time.

People gave it a very high ranking and aren’t bothered much because of the higher price, since this product offers a lot of features that other camping shower tents don’t have.

5. Your Choice Pop Up Shower Tent

This pop up shower tent provides you with a simple set up and durability for a long life span and numerous uses. The steel frame is promised to be rust-proof, making it look and function as it did when you bought it. The simple design allows it to be used as a camping shower tent, changing room or toilet when out in the wild. The added 4 stakes and supporting rope makes it a great piece of equipment even in windy weather.

Inside you will find several numerous different hangers and pockets to either store away your belongings or to hang towels on them. The fabric is also promised to protect from UV light. It also has 2 small zipper windows installed, which help you enjoy the view when you shower.

It can be purchased in 4 different colors and has enough room for 1 person to freely maneuver inside it. It gained a lot of popularity because of its simple design, easy portability and its fairly low price.

6. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

The next camping shower tent gives you the option to buy everything that you need for an outdoor experience in 1 package. It comes with a 5-gallon solar shower, removable floor mat, removable floor mat and a mesh accessory caddy inside. The steel poles that are used for constructing it are resistant to rust and provide great stability.

Among other outdoor shower tents, this one takes a bit longer to build up. It is a great choice when going into the wild for several days, but it is just too time-consuming if used for only 1 day. Its size is enough to fit an adult in it with ease.

The opening on the top allows for fresh air to circulate in it and provide sunshine when used in the open. People frequently bought it for their families, since it is sturdy and very durable. Use this product for enjoying your outdoor showers with ease and comfort!

7. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Outdoor Shower Tent

The next product review features a pop up shower tent that promises effectivity and easy portability like no other! Because of its unique design, it is easily built up and stored away. It takes mere seconds to have the final product standing in front of you. It is made from high-quality polyester, ensuring that it is a match for even the worst of weather.

The steel frame is very flexible and durable, giving this camping shower tent a long life span. Additional stakes are given to the package to ensure that heavy wind doesn’t get in your way of a pleasant experience outdoors. The added carrying bag makes this pop up shower tent easily transportable.

It weighs very little, making it a great companion for any trip. The brand is very confident in its product, thus offering a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Not only does this portable shower tent have excellent reviews and a very good rating on Amazon, but huge popularity all around the world.

8. WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent

A sturdy and reliable pop up shower tent that won’t let you down in even the most rugged terrain. It is made out of polyester with a steel frame. The seams on the inner side are taped to ensure full protection from all surroundings. The surface of the camping shower tent is silver coated, thus protecting you from almost all harmful UV rays.

It has enough room for 1 person and is very lightweight, making it easily portable. The mat on the bottom can be removed. 2 integrated zipper windows allow for easy ventilation whenever you want. To build it up just simply take it out of the carrying bag and throw it to the ground. It will pop up by itself in mere seconds, thus making it as effortless as it can get.

You also get 4 stakes with the package that help you secure the shower tent on windy days. Because of its simple but effective and durable design, this product features huge popularity among its users and promises to be a great addition to any outdoor experience.

9. ROPODA Pop Up Tent

The next product on our list thrives at multitasking like no other. It can be used as a camping shower tent, a place to change your clothes in public or as a toilet for when you go camping. It is made with high-quality durable polyester and a steel frame. It is very flexible and durable, ensuring a long life-span.

The roof can be removed and promises to withstand even the hottest summer days or the heaviest rain. To experience a quality shower, mosquito nets have been placed on top, which also works as a ventilation system. The package also comes with a removable bottom mat and a clothesline to hang clothes and towels onto for drying.

It has enough space to accommodate 1 person. It is easily built up in mere seconds and is very lightweight, thus making it easily portable. This is a great choice for those who want something reliable, easily carryable and useful.

10. WolfWise Portable Pop Up Shower Tent

The last product on our top 10 list gives you a reliable and trendy choice for showering or changing clothes outside your home. It is made out of high-quality waterproof polyester and galvanized steel, thus promising a long life-span and durability in even the most rugged terrain. The silver coating of the camping shower tent provides you with up to 98% of protection against harmful solar rays.

It is very lightweight and easily constructed. Just take it out of the carrying bag and leave it for a few seconds. It pops right up! It can comfortably fit 1 person since it has enough room inside. The big entrance and the added window not only make this tent easily accessible but also provide great air circulation and options to freely see your environment.

It comes with a clothesline and a storage pouch to safely store your personal objects. This product’s popularity came not only from its robust build and reliability but also because of its modern look and comfortable build.


When going camping for a longer period, a portable camping shower tent is a must-have if you wish to have your privacy while showering.

We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.


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