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10 Best EDC Backpacks 2023

    Best EDC Backpacks

    EDC Backpacks Buying Guide & Reviews

    In such a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to always think of everything you have to have at hand when going anywhere outside your home. It is especially difficult if you don’t have the right equipment to store it in. You most certainly won’t be carrying everything in your hands. One of the items that make our lives easier every day, is the EDC backpack.

    It can hold a lot of items and can be used in your everyday life, not just when going into nature’s arms. Its materials are supposed to be of the best quality to ensure a long life-span and to provide you with a reliable companion. There are many products on the market, with each one claiming they are the best, making it hard for people to find the right one for them.

    To make your search easier, we compared brands, product quality and user ratings to present you with a review of the 10 best EDC backpacks currently available.

    1. Vertx Ready Pack 2.0

    Let’s start our top 10 list with one of the more popular products on Amazon. It features an EDC backpack that features a simple build, but won’t fail you for a long time. Its carry platform with loop lining and the rapid access pull tab makes it practical in almost any surroundings.

    You can easily change its appearance, since it has special MOLLE webbing attached to it, making it possible to customize it the way you want to. The main compartment also has a laptop sleeve to ensure more multifunctionality for your everyday life.

    Up until now it has been purchased many times and has retained an almost perfect rating, making it one of the best EDC backpacks currently on Amazon.

    2. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

    This EDC backpack is made out of pure polyester and has a zipper closure to provide a safe storing option for all your belongings. It has a capacity of 24 liters and has great durability because of its build and material. Its special MOLLE webbing gives you the option of attaching additional tactical pouches or gear to it to further increase its multifunctionality.

    Because of the ventilated mesh and padded back area, it is very comfortable to wear at all times. If needed, you can easily equip a hydration bladder to it, since it has an integrated hose port. This particular product is a great pick for anyone who enjoys adventures in the wild.

    With several thousand products sold and a great overall rating, it is fit to take a place on our list of the 10 best EDC backpacks.

    3. Spec Ops T.H.E. Every Day Carry Pack

    Because of its special Cordura nylon, it is much more durable than many of its competitors. Its 3-pocket design gives you many storing options. All of them are closable with zippers to ensure safe storage. It also offers 2 exit ports for either a hydration bladder or a radio, making it a versatile gear piece for either going adventuring into the wild or your everyday lifestyle.

    Not only is it very durable, but also very comfortable because of its breathable material and special shoulder harness system. The special USA patented “Battle buckles” give it additional toughness to resist even the roughest environments.

    Although it comes for a fairly high price, it doesn’t turn away from the fact that it has great ratings on Amazon and a lot of popularity among its users.

    4. Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Backpack

    The next EDC backpack offers a lot of safety, because of its design. The brushed media pocket on the top is made for the most vulnerable pieces of your equipment. The front has an integrated organizer panel and a mesh optics pocket.

    The shoulder straps can easily be adjusted and the back is made out of a compression-molded panel to ensure comfort while wearing it. The bottom also has a shoe compartment.

    It is counted as one of the bestsellers on Amazon and has a great overall rating, making it fit to be called one of the best EDC backpacks currently on the market.

    5. Helikon-Tex EDC Lite Pack, Urban Line

    If you are looking for a reliable but simple EDC backpack, this might be the right one for you. It is made out of pure rip-stop nylon fabric, making it very durable and giving it a long life-span. Its special anatomical shoulder straps make it very comfortable to wear. The loop panel gives you more options in personalizing it. To ensure it suits a larger number of people, it is available in 5 different colors for purchase.

    Since it has a simple build with all the basic functions and is available for a fairly low price, it deserves to be called one of the best EDC backpacks currently on Amazon.

    6. Helikon-Tex EDC Pack, Urban Line

    Another EDC backpack was brought to us from the brand Helikon-Tex, which just additionally shows how much effort the brand puts into its products. It is made purely out of nylon and has a zipper closure. It also features anatomical shoulder straps and a carrying handle that offers its user great comfort while wearing it.

    The hip belt can give you more stability if used and you can also hang a hydration bladder onto it for going outdoors on longer trips. On the side, it also has special MOLLE panels with which you can personalize it easier to suit your traveling style.

    Since it comes for a fairly low price, has many different practical options integrated and is available in 8 different colors, it makes it one of the best EDC backpacks currently available on Amazon.

    7. SOG OG 008 Ninja Tactical Day Pack

    With a lot of different storing places for small and big gear, the next EDC backpack offers practicality and multifunctionality all in one item. It is made out of polyester and has a capacity of 24.2 liters, offering more than enough space for most of the things you might want to take with you.

    Because of the MOLLE webbing, you can customize it even further to make it suit your carrying style. The integrated tubing port makes it possible to equip a hydration bladder to it. It is also promised to be very comfortable to wear.

    With many products already sold and an overall great rating, it is good enough to take a place on our list of the 10 best EDC backpacks.

    8. Maxpedition CCW-Enabled EDC Backpack

    The next EDC backpack not only offers a lot of space but also has a modern design, making it great for everyday use. It has a capacity of 21 liters and offers padded shoulder straps and quick-release buckles.

    Because of the drawbridge straps on the main compartment, it offers more security than your average backpack. The tuckable magnetic wings on the front allow it to be quickly closed when needed.

    Although it comes for a fairly high price, it still has a modern look and many different functions that make it great for your everyday life.

    9. 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

    To include a larger variety of products, we decided to put some focus on the longer-lasting and much more durable ones. This EDC backpack is very durable since it has double-stitched seams and a breathable mesh for comfort. The lining is also made to be waterproof, making it great for outdoor adventures.

    It has many different storing options to ensure you can take a lot of things with you for any occasion. You can adjust it yourself, because of its expandable design. It can either have a capacity of 40 liters or 20 liters, depending on how you adjust it. The brand is very confident in its product, thus offering a 1-year warranty with it.

    With many items sold and an almost perfect score on Amazon, it is more than good enough to take a place on our list of the 10 best EDC backpacks.

    10. EMDMAK Military Tactical Backpack

    Because of its high-density double-stitched nylon fabric, it is one of the most durable EDC backpacks available. It has many different compartments for storing your items in. All in all, it has a storage capacity of 42 liters, offering more than enough to be of great use for any occasion.

    It even has MOLLE webbing integrated into it, making it possible to customize it, even more, to make it fit your lifestyle better. The whole package also comes with a tactical MOLLE water pouch, 2 USA flag pouches, 1 paracord lanyard keychain and 4 multipurpose D-rings Grimlock locking.

    Although it offers so much, it still comes for a fairly low price. It also has an almost perfect rating on Amazon, making it fit to be called one of the best EDC backpacks currently on the market.


    Since there are so many products to choose from nowadays, it is crucial to find one that best suits your lifestyle to ensure the best result.

    We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.