10 Best Pocket Blankets 2022

10 Best Pocket Blankets 2022

Best Pocket Blankets
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Pocket Blankets Reviews & Buying Guide

When going outside your home to enjoy a lovely day, feeling the fresh breeze and catching some sunshine, comfort is of the utmost importance. Perhaps you are going for a walk and you find a great spot to take a rest and enjoy the surroundings.

Of course, you could just stand there or sit on the ground, but there are better and more comfortable ways to feel nature’s vibes around you.

One of the solutions would be to bring a blanket with you, so you could spread it on the ground and use it to avoid either getting your pants dirty or to make a more comfortable sitting experience for yourself and others.

The problem is that most times blankets aren’t really handy. And once you leave your spot, you have to carry them with you. A great solution for that would be a pocket blanket.

Not only do they come in all forms and sizes, but provide an easily transportable method of carrying it with you.

To make your search easier, we made a list of the top 10 pocket blankets on the market at the moment, personally rated by their users.

1. Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 New Version

This Matador pocket blanket counts as a bestseller on Amazon. It is easily carryable and very lightweight, making it great for any outdoor trip. When it unfolds it measures 64”x44”, giving you enough space to freely enjoy your time by yourself or with others.

It has also got built-in metal ground stakes that function as corner weights. It can be also used on the beach because it has integrated sand pocket corners that help you anchor it to the ground. It is also highly water-resistant and made out of quality material to prevent puncturing and tearing.

The storage pouch is integrated into the blanket, making it possible to carry it around without the need for another object to store it. All in all, these functions give it an amazing rating and great popularity all over the world.

2. Oceas Outdoor Pocket Blanket

Another great product on the market. It is a durable pocket blanket that is as lightweight and compact as it can get. It is great for any outdoor activity, ensuring comfort and easy transportability.

It is made to be waterproof and sand proof, ensuring that wherever you sit, dirt, water or sand won’t seep through it. It measures 55”x60”, making it possible for at least 2 adults to sit on it.

Since this is a pocket blanket, you can be sure it is also easily foldable and takes away almost no space when folded.

The brand also puts a lot of effort into keeping their customers satisfied, that is why they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if not happy with the product for any reason.

3. HZJOYUE Outdoor Blanket

The next product on our top 10 list is made out of durable and soft fabric, making it a great addition to your picnics. It can be purchased in 5 different colors and is very lightweight and takes away very little space when packed together.

It is also a great item to buy if you want several people to sit on it. It measures 71”x55”, making it possible to fit 4 people on it.

The package also includes a small pouch to store the pocket blanket in it, a carabiner, four pocket corners and 4 stakes to keep the blanket in place on windy days.

People gave this product a high rating, because of its soft material and its size. They claim it to be a perfect picnic blanket for families.

4. Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Another Matador pocket blanket on our list. This time made out of ripstop nylon and polyester. This product, when folded and packed together into the integrated storage pouch, has one of the smallest sizes on the market.

It can literally fit in your palm, making it one of the most practical pocket blankets on the market at the moment. When unfolded, it measures 44”x28”, making it great for 2 persons to casually sit and enjoy their surroundings.

It is also promised to be water-resistant and puncture-resistant, giving you enough freedom to enjoy your time outside without worrying to get wet or damaging the blanket.

It doesn’t need mentioning that its popularity comes from its small size when stored, its reliability and the fact that Matador pocket blanket reviews have been mostly positive throughout the years.

5. BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

The next product on our list is promoted as a multi-purpose blanket for any occasion. It even gives you the option to use it as a make-shift emergency shelter when outdoors if needed.

It can easily be folded together to fit in your palm. You can store it in your backpack, car trunk or glove department. It is promised to be waterproof, puncture-resistant and sand proof, making it great as a beach blanket.

When unfolded it measures 55”x60” and can fit up to 4 people on it, making it great for when you go somewhere with friends or family. The pockets on the corners allow you to fill them up with sand, thus making this pocket blanket viable even for windy days.

One of the features that make this product so popular is the fact that it is a reliable gear set-piece and that you can purchase it in 6 different colors. If you want to check all the available colors, click here.

6. Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

Made out of pure rip-stop nylon gives the next item great resistance against tearing. When fully unfolded it measures 60”x56”, giving you enough space for 4 people to sit on.

Not only does it provide a good sitting area, but also feels soft to the skin. When you fold it together it takes away very little space, making it perfect for carrying either in your hand or backpack.

Great to be used for picnics, the beach, fishing trips or just for when you go hiking and want to rest for a bit comfortably.

Easily unpacked and stored back in its pouch. The brand also offers a money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the pocket blanket for any reason.

7. TheCozy Adventures Waterproof Pocket Blanket

This pocket blanket is perfect for the ones who don’t want to complicate things, but just want an ordinary blanket that offers practicality and reliability. When unfolded it provides enough sitting space for 4 people.

It is made out of high-tenacity polyester, which is the same material that parachutes are made of. The package includes a stainless-steel carabiner and 4 stakes to anchor the blanket to any type of ground.

You can purchase it in many different colors, allowing you to choose for what purpose you are going to use it.

The brand also promises a 1-year full replacement warranty to satisfy the wishes of their customers.

8. ScorchedEarth Pocket Blanket

A pocket blanket that includes everything you might need for a comfortable experience outdoors. The in-built stakes allow you to easily fixate it to the ground, thus ensuring the wind doesn’t ruin your good time.

The corner pockets additionally work as a fixating method. Just fill them with sand or rocks and they will work as an anchor. Included in the package are also a carabiner clip and a carrying bag to store away your blanket.

When unfolded it measures 60”x55”, giving you enough space to fit several people on it.

It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied with it for any reason.

9. Arrow Exclusive Outdoor Beach Blanket

The next item brings us a great choice for going to the beach. This pocket blanket is 100% water-resistant, making it great for hot sunny days near the water. It measures 71”x55” and is enough to have 4 people sitting on it.

The durable material prevents it from ripping, which also makes it great to be used in more rugged terrain. It is easily washable and dries really quickly.

It can easily be transformed into a make-shift shelter in case bad weather catches you.

Strong metal stakes are integrated into the corners to help you anchor the blanket to the ground.

10. Aurum Brand Outdoor Beach Mat | Compact Pocket Blanket

The last product on our top 10 list features a pocket blanket that is resistant to heat and tearing, thus giving it a longer lifespan than ordinary beach blankets. It measures 55”x71” and has enough space to give 4 persons a place to sit.

It dries fast, is water-resistant and reflects heat away from it to ensure lying on it comfortably even after being longer exposed to the sun.

When you fold it together it takes away almost no space and includes a zipper enclosed pocket for keys and phone.

People like this product especially because of its convenient build, practicality and relaxed design.


Choosing the right pocket blanket is vital to ensure spending your quality time outdoors as comfortable as possible.

We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.