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10 Best Survival Pocket Chainsaws 2023

    10 Best Survival Pocket Chainsaws 2023

    Survival Pocket Chainsaws Buying Guide & Reviews

    To be prepared for any situation that may occur in the wilderness, whether you are going camping or hiking, you have to pay attention that you take everything that you might need with you. Your survival backpack doesn’t have enough room to bring much with you, but with the right choice, you can take enough survival gear with you to get you through a disaster situation.

    A fire starter, survival blanket, the right survival clothing, water filtration system and others should be included. In certain environments, there will be hard to find wood laying on the ground for making a fire or building a shelter. The only option would be to either cut down a tree or to get some logs from its branches.

    One of the survival tools many forget or even don’t know about is the survival pocket chainsaw. It helps you saw through the wood by using your body weight to put pressure on it. It is very lightweight and takes away almost no space.

    Many brands on the market claim that their products are the best. To make your search easier, we made a review of the 10 best survival pocket chainsaws below that were personally rated by their users.

    1. SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw – Best Survival Hand Saw in Pouch

    The first product on our list could be counted as one of the best survival pocket chainsaws currently on the market. Not only its two-sided cutting teeth are the reason, but also the whole package that includes a pouch to carry it in and a fire starter with an integrated survival whistle and compass.

    The survival wire saw is made out of high-strength carbon alloy and steel, making it a reliable companion for going outdoors. The chain measures 24 inches in length, which is more than enough to effectively saw through wood without straining your back too much. This product has one of the best ratings among its competitors and has been purchased numerous times on Amazon.

    2. Nordic Pocket Saw Survival Chainsaw

    This nordic pocket saw review will show you why this product is currently so popular. It was made to be simple to use, but effective nonetheless. It comes with a handy pouch to safely store it away for easy portability. It is very lightweight and promises to be a reliable survival wire saw when the time comes.

    Its double-sided teeth are placed in a way to ensure using it takes away as little energy as possible. The handles are made of very sturdy nylon to ensure giving you a strong grip without the possibilities of tearing. To make it an even more sturdy companion for going into the wild, its chain is made out of heat-treated carbon steel.

    It was also tested in a laboratory that showed it can withstand a strength up to 20 times the maximum a normal human can produce. If you are asking yourself what makes it so popular, the answer would be that it has won several awards for its great capabilities and quality. This counts as one of the best survival pocket chainsaws!

    3. Drchoer 3X Wire Saw Stainless Steel Pocket Chainsaw

    If you are looking for something of a low budget that provides you with a reliable tool for camping or going into nature’s arms, then perhaps the next product is the right one for you. It features a package that contains 3 survival pocket saws that consist of 21-inch steel wire and a braided chain cord.

    Not only does the brand promote them to be good for cutting wood, but also plastic, rubber, bone and soft metal, making this a very versatile piece of equipment. Not only do you get 1 survival pocket chainsaw, but 3 in this package, allowing you to switch them regularly since they come for a fairly low price.

    4. YOKEPO Survival Pocket Chainsaw

    The 16 serrated steel teeth on the next product provide you with a fast-cutting experience. The whole item measures 36 inches in length, giving you more than enough pivoting room to find the right position to start sawing.

    The whole package also includes a pouch to carry the survival wire saw in and a survival paracord that has multiple survival tools integrated into it, like a fire starter and survival whistle.

    This package offers you many different survival tools you need when going camping or just simply want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. It has been purchased many times and has retained a stable but great rating over time, making it one of the best pocket chainsaws currently available.

    5. HANZIUP One Link One Blade 3X Faster Pocket Chainsaw

    Because of the chain that is made out of 1 link and the very sharp blades, it can saw through wood 3x faster than other average pocket chainsaws. A great choice to get for yourself, especially if you are planning to go on a trip outdoors and expect rainy weather.

    With this item, you will gather firewood much faster than with other products of this type. The saw measures 24 inches in length and has a total of 33 teeth on them. The added pouch helps you store it away and safely transport it wherever you might need it. With a special design and fairly good ratings, it meets the standards to make it onto our list of the 10 best pocket chainsaws.

    6. Multi Outools Freehawk 25-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw

    Equipped with 11 high-quality carbon stainless steel teeth, this survival pocket chainsaw can cut through even the toughest wood. The rivets are also made to be more smooth to ensure a more fluent sawing experience and to prevent it from getting stuck easily.

    The handles are also designed to offer comfort while sawing and to ensure maximum effectiveness. The package also includes a nylon carrying bag to store away the saw while traveling, giving it enough safety features to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

    7. Wealers Pocket Chainsaw

    This pocket chainsaw has very sharp teeth that can effectively saw through the wood in any environment. It promises to not get stuck easily, giving you a fast and reliable tool for getting firewood. It was designed to take as little energy as possible to ensure your survival rates in the wild are at their highest.

    The added carrying pouch gives you a safe option for transportation. To ensure that the nordic saw has enough durability and a longer life-span, it is coated to prevent rusting. Because of its overall effectiveness and reliability, it has been purchased numerous times on Amazon and has retained a great rating over time, making this one of the best pocket chainsaws available.

    8. Stansport STS316 Chain Saw

    A simple but effective survival tool for either gathering firewood or building a make-shift shelter. The wire saw consists of 11 teeth and handles made out of paracord that can be used for several different tasks you might need them for.

    The chain itself measures 25 inches, which is more than enough to cut wood efficiently. The whole package also includes a case made out of polyester with an attached belt loop and buckle closure. A simple but effective addition to any survival backpack for surviving in a worst-case scenario or practical help when gathering firewood.

    9. Sportsman Industries Paracord Pocket Chainsaw

    The last product on our list features a special handle design that is made out of military-grade paracord. The chain measures 36 inches in length and is thicker than most of its competitors.

    Because of the high-quality steel that it is made out of, it cuts through wood more efficiently and provides it a longer life-span and more durability than your average nordic saw. This brand is one of the few in this department to have enough trust in its product to offer its customers a lifetime warranty in case you don’t like the product.

    10. Bytiyar 2 packs Pocket Stainless Steel Wire Saw

    Another pocket wire saw with a simple build, but still very effective when sawing through logs and branches. Its 22-inches long metal wire is made out of stainless steel, ensuring it won’t let you down when you need it.

    Not only is it good for cutting through wood, but is also promised to be very effective for cutting plastic, bones, rubber and soft metal, making it one of the best pocket chainsaws currently on the market.

    Because of its small size and lightweight, it is very portable, making it a good companion to take with you when going outdoors. Altogether, the whole package contains 2 wire saws, 1 pouch to carry them in and a 1-year warranty to ensure every customer’s satisfaction.

    Do Pocket Chainsaws Really Work?

    Check the video below If you are wondering how pocket chainsaws work. They have put 2 to the test so you can see for yourself if this might be an option for you or not.


    If you intend to go camping, taking a survival pocket chainsaw with you takes away almost to no space and is very lightweight, thus making it a must-have for any camper or survivalist.

    We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.