TOP 10 Best Tactical & Survival Tomahawks 2021

best survival emergency tomahawks

Having a tomahawk with you while you go camping has many advantages. They are ideal for chopping wood, helping you build a shelter, or making a path through the bushes. You can use the pommel spike on the other side to penetrate through almost any given material.

They are more lightweight and it’s easier to swing with than a normal ax, so if you know you will be chopping small trees it’s ideal to bring one with you. Most come with a sheath, so you can carry it with you safely. Also, some are quite small, designed to fit in your emergency or bug out bag.

You can use the tomahawks also as a throwing ax, a great recreational sport for you to do while you are outdoors with your friends. The blade varies in size so make sure to pick one that suits you.

Can also be used as a self-defense weapon against predatory animals or as a brute force tool to escape when you find yourself in a dangerous position.

Best Tactical & Survival Tomahawks Buying Guide & Reviews

1. Estwing Tomahawk

best survival and tactical tomahawks

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The 16.25-inch Estwing tomahawk is made in the USA. The head is forged with the highest grade tool steel. Each tomahawk is hand sharpened and polished. Drop forged and tempered, the blade is very durable.

Ballistic nylon sheath protects the cutting edge. The tomahawk will never slip out of your hand thanks to the rugged shock reduction grip.

2. Spyderco Warrior Hawk

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The 13.68-inch Spyderco Warrior Hawk provides maximum strength when it comes to chopping wood because the head is forged with a solid billet of tough D2 tool steel.

To protect the blade from corrosion and to eliminate reflection the blade is cloaked in titanium carbonitride coating.

Comes with a custom-molded and snap-fit Boltaron sheath and a high-quality padded zipper pouch, allowing you to safely store it for a long time without worrying that the blade will lose its sharpness.

3. Schrade SCAXE5 Tomahawk

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The blade from the 12.8-Inch Schrade SCAXE5 is forged with SK-5 High carbon steel and the handle is made out of nylon fiber. Comes with a black nylon belt sheath with a belt loop, making it quickly accessible when you need it.

The hand and finger-shaped grip allows you to use the tomahawk with confidence without worrying that it will slip. The tomahawk also works as a spiked pommel or a nail pull bar.

4. Sheffield 12153 Tomahawk

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The 6-inch Sheffield 1253 tomahawk features a durable stainless steel blade and a scalloped black ABS handle which guards against slippage and provides comfort when using it even while wet.

Comes with a quality military-grade sheath, so you can store it safely when not needed.

5. Reapr 11000 Tomahawk

best survival tomahawk

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The head from the 15.75-inch Reapr 11000 Tac Hawk Axe is forged out of 2Cr13 stainless steel, featuring a 7-inch black-oxide coated blade. The blade is very sharp, designed to cut through almost anything.

The other side features a sharp spike, which will come in handy when you want to break through tough material quickly.

The handle is made out of nylon-reinforced fiberglass, featuring comfort grooves for maximum grip strength. Comes with a 1680D ballistic belt sheath for safe carrying and storing.

6. U.S. Marines by MTech USA M-X001 Tomahawk

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The overall length of this tomahawk is 14.3-inches. The blade is forged out of stainless steel, being wide 4-inches. On the other side, there is a spike ready to brute force through even the most challenging materials.

The handle is made out of nylon fiber and on the end there is a compass and lanyard to guide you in the outdoors.

The handle contains a waterproof capsule, which contains a bandage, a hook, fishing line, a striker and matches.

7. Camillus Ravenous Tomahawk

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The head of the 13.5-inch Camillus Ravenous hatchet-style tomahawk is forged with strong 420 steel and it is titanium bonded which makes it 3 times harder than untreated stainless steel.

The handle is made out of hard ABS plastic. Comes with a ballistic nylon sheath for safe carrying and storing.

8. MTECH USA MT-600 Tomahawk

estwing tactical tomahawk

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The 9-inch MT-600 tomahawk features a 3-inch 3CR13 stainless steel blade. On the other side of the head is a very sharp spike, ready to penetrate most materials.

The handle is made out of pakkawood. Convenient in size, it fits into any backpack or bug out bag. Comes with a nylon sheath so you can carry and store it safely.

9. Spyderco Genzow HatchetHawk

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The 15.82-inch Spyderco Genzow is made in the USA. The head is forged with 5160 tool steel and heat-treated for maximum durability and strength.

The handle is made from polypropylene plastic and has an oval cross-section for maximum striking power. Comes with a handmade leather sheath for safe carrying and storing.

10. Cold Steel Tomahawk

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The 22-inch Cold Steel tomahawk is an excellent chopping tool, while the other side serves as a hammer. The head is drop forged with durable and quality 1055 carbon steel.

The handle is made out of American Hickory wood, which makes the tomahawk pretty lightweight, weighing 23.6 ounces. Doesn’t come with a sheath, so have to purchase it separately.


We hope this post helped you choose the right tomahawk for you. Don’t forget to check the dimensions and weight before deciding to get one.

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