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Metal Spork – Best 3 Products Reviewed

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    Metal Spork – Great Survival Gadget

    Living in times where we want to do as many different tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, having modernization catch up to us is something everybody should allow since it can raise the quality of our lives.

    New inventions have helped grow our society in the past decades exponentially. Not only the technology but also smart gadgets that help us go through the day easier and allow us to use that extra time and energy for other things.

    Since this is a website about survival in nature, we thought an article about one of such gadgets would be very informative, since most of our topics are based on carrying as much useful gear with you, without sacrificing a lot of comfort or space because of it. An ideal example of such a gadget would be the metal spork.

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    What is a spork?

    It is a hybrid form between a spoon and a fork. Not only used by campers and survivalists, but also in restaurants, schools, the military, prisons and airline meals. The first sporks date back to the 19th century and have been a popular item since then.

    It is basically a spoon-like object with a scoop at the opposite side of the handle, with at least 2 fork-like tines in them. Although many brands add a knife to it, the name stays the same. One of the features the metal spork is known for is that it is very durable, making it a perfect traveling companion for survivalists and outdoor adventurers.

    metal spork

    What is the difference between a metal spork and a plastic one?

    Not only are metal sporks more durable and thus more reliable, but they also have a much longer lifespan than plastic ones. Although nowadays brands also produce them with high-quality plastics, it is still much more environmentally friendly to pick a metal one.

    There is just 1 negative feature about the metal spork that the plastic variant doesn’t have. In a very cold environment, the one made out of metal might stick to your lips if not at least a bit heated beforehand.

    Who invented the spork?

    The creator of this practical utensil was Samuel W. Francis. He issued a US patent on February 3, 1874.

    To give you a better view of the different metal sporks available at the moment, we made a comparison of 3 different products on the market, all with excellent reviews and personally ranked by their users.

    TOP 3 Best Metal Sporks

    1. finessCity Titanium Spork

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    The first item is brought to us by the brand finessCity and has an excellent rating of 5/5 stars, making this one of the bestsellers on the market right now. Featuring a titanium spork, which is also counted as a multi-tool, since it not only has the spoon and fork option but also a built-in bottle opener at the handle. It is 1,4 inches in diameter and 6,4 inches long, allowing you to store it away without worrying about free space.

    It comes with a washable premium quality cloth pouch in which you can store and carry it. The titanium material it is made out of, makes it sturdy and reliable in even the worst of conditions, making this an excellent choice for camping or adventuring outdoors. It is also fairly lightweight since it only weighs 20 grams. A titanium spork is also resistant to corrosion, seawater and chlorine, because of the durable material.

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    You can freely wash it in the dishwasher without any hesitation. It also doesn’t leave any metallic aftertaste or odors after many uses, allowing you to enjoy your meal to the fullest. It is a perfect partner for your camping trip since it will give you a true feeling of independence and freedom.

    Use it in combination with your survival cooking gear or just have it in your tactical backpack for a time you might need it. Since this titanium spork is made out of 100% food-grade titanium and it doesn’t rust, the brand is confident enough to promise a 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product for any reason.

    2.Tapirus Stainless Steel Classic Sporks Set of 4

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    The next product on our list is brought to us by the brand Tapirus. The product features 4 separate stainless steel sporks that are designed not only to look great but also to fulfill their designated tasks effectively. They have tines that are just the right size to impale food so that it doesn’t slip off of your metal spork. The scoop part is not affected by it much, allowing you to eat meals like soup and sauces successfully without dripping it over yourself.

    Every single piece weighs 26,5 grams, is 7 inches in length and 1,5 inches in diameter. This product also comes with a small pouch that is equipped with a zip-lock in which you can store your cutlery. Keeping your metal spork set clean and uncontaminated when going into the wild was never as easy as this. Wash them either by hand or put them into the dishwasher without worrying about damaging them.

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    Each separate piece also has 2 distinctive holes at the handle to additionally lower their weight and to function as an option for tying them together or on certain gear pieces. Because of their scratch-resistance, you will be able to use them for a long time without seeing any noticeable changes in structure or form.

    The brand also promises a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving it additional credibility. People love these metal sporks because of their robust material and that they come in a set of 4 separate pieces. It is said to be a great gear piece to enjoy home-cooked meals, MREs and outdoor improvised meals with friends or family.

    3. Gerber ComplEAT

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    The last item of this amazing trilogy is technically not a metal spork, since not all the features are embedded in 1 item, but make up through its multifunctionality and practicality, thus mentioning it on our list of best metal sporks on the market. This product features 4 separate items that can be stacked together so they take away a very little amount of space.

    It weighs 2,5 ounces all together and is made out of anodized aluminum and glass-filled nylon, making it corrosion-resistant and flexible at the same time. The set includes a fork, spoon, spatula and a multifunctional tool that includes a serrated package opener, bottle opener, veggie peeler and can opener. Either the fork or spoon can be put together in combination with the spatula to create a pair of useful tongs, with which you can easily grab food or ingredients.

    Metal Spork - Best 3 Products Reviewed

    The spoon and the fork have engraved handles, which doesn’t only look great, but also gives you a firm grip. Since this is a webpage about survival, we thought including this product is important, since it features all of the properties a metal spork would have and even more! People gave this product a very high rating and claimed that it is a great tool for outdoor activity.

    You can easily store it in your survival backpack and carry it around. It is also a great addition to your outdoor survival cooking set. Many also purchased it as a gift for their friends, because of the great engravings it has on it and the high-quality materials it is made of.


    A metal spork is a must-have item for any outgoer or survivalist. It is lightweight, practical, durable and takes away almost to no space.

    We hope this article was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the survival topic, you are free to browse our webpage for more information.