Best Emergency Survival Blankets 2022

Best Emergency Survival Blankets

Best Emergency Survival Blankets

Emergency Survival Blankets Buying Guide & Reviews

Imagine a situation when you go outdoors far away from civilization and disaster strikes. Even if you go prepared, there is always a possibility of something going wrong with your gear or other equipment you brought with you, making surviving until help comes hard for you. One of the items you should bring with you AT ALL TIMES is a survival thermal blanket.

Not only does it deflect a high percentage of body heat back at you, keeping you warm at all times, it can also be used for many purposes as building a shelter or put underneath yourself as insulation against the wet and cold forest floor.

Some even have special holes in them, helping you to easily construct a viable surrounding with the help of some tape or paracord. To help you find the best suitable item on the market right now, we made an article about the TOP 10 best emergency survival blankets below.

1. Campizo Emergency Blankets – Pack of 4 Extra Large

Special Mylar thermal blankets come in an extra-large size. They are dual-sided, colored and compactly stored to increase their convenience. Weighing only 10oz makes them easy to carry with you. They save up to 90% of your body heat and are absolutely water-proof, helping you stay warm in even the worst conditions.

They are a perfect addition to your survival kit or survival backpack when going outdoors. Because of their large size, they cover a large area of your body and can also be used as a shelter building material, since they can easily be taped together.

These survival blankets were designed and tested by NASA, additionally proving their high quality.

2. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (4-Pack)

A popular item among buyers, these thermal survival blankets consist of aluminized Mylar. They are dual-sided and aluminized making them easy to use.

By purchasing one of these emergency thermal blankets you get a gold-covered space blanket in addition. They promise high durability since the fabric is military-grade quality.

Harnessing up to 90% of your body heat and being absolutely water-proof gives them the edge when facing tough conditions like snow or rain. The brand also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if not happy with the product!

3. Emergency Blankets & Rain Poncho Hybrid Survival Gear and Equipment

Like the others mentioned up until now, the next product is also engineered at NASA and made out of Mylar. This promises great tear-resistance and protection from outside factors like snow and rain.

It is also 2 times thicker than the regular emergency survival blankets. The specialty of this item is also, that you can actually put it on, thus having your hands free and increasing practicality in a given situation.

Being wind- and water-proof is just a safety measure that all survival blankest should have. And this product promises that as well! It is equipped with a hoody that covers your head as well, increasing the probability of survival even more, since a lot of heat leaves the body from our head.

Because of its size, it can be worn by any person, since it adjusts to any body type. You can even carry your backpack and this camping emergency blanket will protect it as well.

They come in a pack consisting of 4 emergency foil blankets, which can be reused several times, making this product a must-have for any outgoing adventurer!

4. Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket – Insulated Thermal Reflective Tarp

Made for more than 1 purpose, this mylar survival blanket gives the term camping a totally new meaning. It can be used as a ground tarp, made into a tent, depending on the situation or even used as a blanket to reflect your body heat back at you.

Because of its size and material, it is suggested to keep it in your car at all times, since it doesn’t take away much space. To make it even more practical, it comes with a carrying bag. It has holes on certain parts to make it easier to be hung or tied anywhere you might find a use for it.

Just imagine having a camping trip and you protect yourself with a quickly constructed shelter made with the help of one of these insulated reflective tarps.

5. Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Thermal survival blankets colored in silver to help you be found easier in a disaster situation. Made out of military-grade aluminized polyethylene mylar promises great performance and durability in any situation. They return 90% of your body heat and, like others, protect you from outside physical factors like rain and snow.

The brand producing these emergency foil blankets trust their product, thus promising a 100% money-back guarantee if not pleased with the product. People ranked this product highly since it is a promising life-saving survival blanket that didn’t disappoint in any way.

6. World’s Toughest Emergency Blankets

Four extra-large space survival blankets that come in special zipper closable packs. The brand promises durability and practicality like no other product since the whole package is only 9,5 oz heavy. It is meant as a survival emergency kit for any disaster. Being it earthquakes, floods or just a plain camping trip, these emergency solar blankets will definitely come in handy one day.

They are made in much bigger sizes than other survival thermal blankets, making them versatile. Using a bit of paracord and tape, you can easily build yourself a shelter, sleeping bag or anything you think will help you survive outdoors.

In addition, the brand promises that a percentage of the profits from buying this item is going for conservation efforts all around the world, making it a popular brand for many people.

7. Timok Emergency Sleeping Bags Thermal-Emergency-Ultralight Space Blankets

The next item on our list was solely made for the purpose of saving you from a catastrophe. Each purchased item contains 2 packs of emergency bags. Colored in bright orange colors and in addition equipped with 120 decibel loud whistles, can help you be found much quicker than usual, potentially saving your life when disaster strikes.

Technically counted as a survival bag, it can still be used as a survival thermal blanket, shelter and emergency bivy sack. It is a durable multi-purpose survival kit all in one! Weighing only 4.2 ounces and big enough to cover the body of a full-grown man gives it reliability in every situation.

Because of its thick mylar material, it can be used several times without worrying to damage it. The brand also provides a 90 days free return service if not satisfied with the product. Up until now, people buying it, rarely use the return service, since they were absolutely satisfied with it!

8. Pack of 4 Emergency Blankets – First Aid Blankets

The next item on our list was solely made for easy carrying and storing. Not sure if you want to use your free space for anything unnecessary? Don’t worry, because these survival thermal blankets take away only a minimum of space and weight almost nothing.

Fully unsheathed they can cover a full-grown person easily! The whole package contains 4 separate reusable survival blankets. If the worst happens, use all 4 of them to create an environment best suited for the situation.

Perhaps use 1 to cover yourself and store body heat, 1 to put underneath yourself and the others to make a survival shelter to keep you dry from the weather and protect you from the wind.

9. Primacare HB-10 Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket

This pack of 10 emergency foil thermal blankets is low in cost and promises good consistency. If you are not sure if you need a survival thermal blanket, this product could be a starter for you.

Small in storing size it can be added to any first aid kit or survival kit. When unsheathed, it is 52” long and 84” wide, thus making it usable for many different tasks.

One of the top purchased products on the market right now, because of its fairly low price, reliability and number of separate blankets included. A must-have for those wanting to be prepared for a just-in-case scenario!

10. Bearhard Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

This is one sturdy and resistant emergency blanket! Made out of several strong and long-lasting materials, it promises great effectiveness in even the worst of conditions. It being tear-resistant, water- and win-proof proves just that.

Easy to store, being lightweight and not taking away space makes this item a reliable tool for surviving outdoors. It can be used either as a survival insulation blanket or a tarp to put underneath yourself.

Because of its structure and the materials that it’s made out of, it can store an amazingly 93% body heat, thus being one of the best heat retention items on the market right now.

Most of the experienced campers and survivalists would pick this item for their adventure outdoors.


Having a survival thermal blanket by your side every time you go into the wild is essential for surviving a trip gone wrong. Someday it may save your life.

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