10 Best Emergency Survival Tents 2022

Best Emergency Survival Tents

Best Emergency Survival Tents

Emergency Survival Tents Buying Guide & Reviews

When going outdoors for any particular reason, you should always have in mind that something can get wrong. Either getting lost, having an accident or even finding someone that needs help, the right equipment could save your or someone else’s life.

A great addition to your gear would be a survival tent! Not only is it simple to set up, but it also has many different functions and added items to the whole package.

Which of its properties you need depends solely on the environment you are going into. Most of them have in common that they retain your body heat, keeping you warm in even the worst of situations.

To be reliable, a survival tube tent should also be resistant to puncturing and tearing, so it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most.

To make the search for you easier, we made a list of the TOP 10 best survival & emergency tents below, personally rated by its users.

1. Go Time Gear Life Tent Emergency Survival Shelter

One of the best survival tents on the market judging by its functions, price and general popularity among its users. It is meant for sheltering 2 persons and is wind- and waterproof.

Made out of a special material, it reflects 90% of your body heat back towards you, thus counting as a possible lifesaver when disaster strikes. Not only does it protect from all sorts of weather, but it is also resistant to tearing and puncturing, giving it the dependability that you need in an extreme situation.

Also added is a 120db whistle, with which rescuers can hear you up to 1 mile away. It is fairly easy to use and compact. When stored, it can easily be attached to your backpack and carried effortlessly because of its lightweight and compactness.

2. LIT FITNESS Survival Tent Emergency Shelter with Titan Paracord

A quite similar emergency/survival tent as the one before, but with a small difference. You can get it for a smaller price and is new to the market. Nonetheless, it made it onto our list for a reason. This survival tube tent is made of high-quality mylar and promises to be water- and wind-resistant.

If you think building a camping tent is difficult, you should try one of these! Just pull the included titan paracord through both ends of the survival tent, attach them to some trees and it’s finished. In circumstances when there are no trees nearby, you can still use it as an emergency sleeping bag.

The whole thing is colored in a bright orange color, making it easy to be spotted by rescuers. That is not all! The whole package comes with a whistle and foldable survival lamp to get you through the dark nights.

3. World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent

Perhaps a bit of a boast to call your product “world’s toughest ultralight survival tent”, but nonetheless, it still has some amazing features listing it at the top of its branch. Special mylar material designed by NASA is absolutely waterproof and reflects 90% of body heat back at you.

This lightweight survival tent holds enough room for 2 persons and is tear-resistant. Its added paracord allows you to easily build it between two trees, whilst the material provides warmth and safety from the weather.

To further give it stability, use rocks and put them on the corners. The brand tested a lot of different materials to find the right combination for an efficient, durable, practical and portable tube survival tent.

Because of its size, it can easily be carried with you at all times and stored anywhere for it to be handy when the time comes.

4. AYAMAYA Winter Cold Weather Ultralight Double Layer Waterproof Tent

A lightweight and waterproof survival tent brought to you by the brand Ayamaya. It is made out of breathable polyester with the heat-sealed seam on the spots where the different pieces connect to prevent water from coming in.

It has special vestibules on the side for you to store your gear safely. It’s made for two persons and perfect for couples trying to explore the wild since it is a closed tent type.

To reduce the condensation inside, it is equipped with several different holes that can be reopened and closed for ventilating or just having a better view of the surroundings.

One of its better features as well is that it can be built and put together in a mere 2min! The quick setup is possible because of the special aluminium pole and clips on the inside of the tent.

Not to mention it has an outer detachable side that counts as a protection from all sorts of weather, making it a double-layered tent.

5. Bearhard Emergency Tent

The next one counts as a tactical survival tube tent and is brought to you by the brand Bearhard. Most of its features are similar to the ones we listed on this list before, but nonetheless, it still implicates how small the gap is between a good and bad survival tent.

It is also made out of high-quality mylar and reflects 90% of your body heat back at you, making it also count as a survival emergency blanket, survival sleeping bag and tent all in one.

For what purpose you are going to use it depends solely on you. Its specialty is camouflage colored cover to hide you in between the green and brown outskirts of the forest. Of Course, if you wish to have something to make you easier to find, this isn’t the best option, but if your wish is to blend in with the surroundings, this is one of the best items for you.

It comes with a long paracord, 4 plastic stakes, a 120-decibel survival whistle, a metal carabiner and a drawstring bag made of nylon to store the whole package.

One of the features that make this product count as one of the best is also their supportive customer service and a lifetime warranty if not satisfied with the product for any reason.

6. GEO360 Emergency Survival Tent Shelter

A survival set containing 5 different items for a low price that is hard to beat. The first and main item is of course a survival tent which you can easily build using two trees, a bit of paracord and stones to put some weight on the corners.

The second is a sleeping bag additionally keeping you warm and colored in bright orange color, making it easy for rescuers to find you in a bad situation.

The third item is a survival poncho and has 2 features alike with the previous two items. One is the bright color and the second is that it reflects 90% of your body heat back at you. If you count in the feature that two people can use the survival tent, keeping you warm at night is an easy job with this product!

The fourth item is a survival whistle, which when used can be heard half a mile away.

The last item added to this survival kit is a survival fire starter. For surviving even the worst of scenarios, you can easily make a fire with it and cook up a meal or just plainly warm yourself if the conditions are bad.

All in all this set contains many different items that could save your life in a disaster situation, thus giving it popular among its users. And all of these features for a very small price!

7. Mrsharkfit Emergency Tent with 2 Emergency Blanket

This survival tube tent and emergency blankets are made out of thick polyethylene that is resistant to puncturing and tearing. With enough room for 2 persons and the ability to reflect 90% of body heat back at you, it is a comfortable and reliable tool for surviving in the wild.

It also has the features to prevent wind and water from getting to you, thus protecting you from nature’s surroundings. Most of the survival tube tents provide you with the option of EITHER using it as a tent OR survival blanket. With this one you don’t have to worry anymore, because the packet contains both!

With the added waterproof nylon sack you can have the whole package around you for use whenever you need it. Because of its small size when put together and stored in the sack, it takes away so little space, it fits in your glove compartment in your car!

People love this compact product because of the different possibilities it covers in a bad situation since it comes with additional survival blankets and the ability to be reused multiple times.

8. Grizzly Gear Emergency Thermal Tent

An emergency thermal tent used for many purposes. Of Course, the main task at hand is to protect you from the surroundings like rain, wind and cold environment, but has an additional one – can be used to collect drinking water when it rains.

Also constructed out of durable Mylar, making it tear- and puncture-resistant. It creates a barrier for you to be protected from the surroundings and retains 90% of your body heat.

It has enough room for 2 persons, allowing it to be carried only by one and in the end perhaps save the life of two! It can also be used as a survival blanket or emergency survival sleeping bag.

It is easy to carry because it’s lightweight and doesn’t take away a lot of space, making it a reliable and practical piece of equipment.

Because of its low price, this product has been bought many times and didn’t disappoint, thus giving it a high ranking overall.

9. MEKKAPRO Emergency Survival Tent Shelter

As you can see, this survival tent shelter is practically packed in a bag which can be closed, making it easy to carry and take away almost to no space, especially if you hang it on your backpack. It is constructed to protect two persons and is brightly orange-colored, making it easy to be seen from far away and increasing the possibility of being seen by rescuers greatly.

It is made out of high resistant material, giving it a long life span and guaranteeing dependability in even the harshest of environments. It can be easily set up and promises to protect you from even the coldest weather.

A great addition to your survival kit for any “what if” scenarios. It could one day save your life when disaster strikes.

The brand also promises a money-back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason with the product, additionally showing that they are confident in the product not failing the test of nature.

10. Survival Tent Emergency Shelter with Titan Paracord and Survival Lamp

The last item on our list is new on the market but still promises high reliability in the worst of scenarios. The tent can easily be set up with the help of the added titan paracord, making it even more stable against the forces of nature, like wind, snow, rain and high temperatures.

Made out of durable mylar, it gains features like puncture and tear resistibility. It protects from hypothermia since it reflects 90% of your body heat back at you, keeping you warm in any situation. The bright colors help you be found by rescuers easier.

It is lightweight and takes away almost no space, making it easy to store away in your survival backpack or survival kit. For additional survivability, the whole package includes a survival whistle, which can be heard from far away and an emergency lamp to light the surroundings at night.

A perfect item to be added to your survival equipment or just to have around you for any moment when the worst happens!


Having a survival/emergency tent with you at all times is crucial to give you the needed protection against nature’s environment and increasing your probability of survival.

We hope this article was helpful in finding what you were looking for. If you are interested in more survival topics, feel free to browse our webpage for more information.