TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

best survival kits

best survival kits

In terms of preparedness, you can buy a lot of different pieces of gear to place in your bug out bag or take with you in your survival backpack. But did you ever think of having numerous different survival pieces of equipment all neatly stored in one small space and ready to go?

A great choice for that would be a survival kit! Most of the survival kits include a case, which takes away almost no space and includes all sorts of different survival tools. The more it can fit in it, the better. But it is also important to look out for good quality products. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the forest and your survival tools breaking or malfunctioning.

Choosing the right product for you can be a matter of life and death if disaster strikes. To make your search easier, we made a list of the top 10 best survival kits on the market at the moment, personally rated by its users. Below each review, you will also find a list of the items it includes.

Best Survival Kits Buying Guide & Reviews

1. KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment 17 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

Let’s start our survival kit review with a product that has an exceptionally good rating on the market at the moment. In general, it gets its popularity because of its great quality gear pieces. All of the separate pieces are conveniently packed and stored in the box, which also takes away very little space.

One of the featured items that stood out were the pocket knife, which is spring-loaded, and the survival flashlight, which has several different modes.

All in all, this basic survival kit promises great quality with high popularity among its users. It also counts as a great gift for any male figure in general.

KOSIN Survival Kit List:

Flashlight, survival bracelet, water bottle clip, wire saw, fire starter, folding pliers, carabiner, multifunctional card, emergency blanket, folding military knife, tactical pen, whistle, tourniquet, signal mirror, case and storage bag.

2. Aokiwo 126Pcs Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

The next item on our top 10 list also includes a first aid kit. Not all survival kits have that included, making this item perfect for when something goes wrong. Treat wounds instantly and prevent infections or excessive bleeding. With this, you can treat more than just 1 person.

The bag, in which every survival gear piece can be stored, is made out of very durable military-grade nylon, making it a reliable, sturdy and waterproof companion. You can also attach it to any MOLLE compatible gear or belt, making it also easy and comfortable to carry around.

People love this product, especially because of its small size and reliable gear set that it includes.

Aokiwo Survival Kit List:

Saber card, military folding knife, tactical flashlight, tactical pen, wire saw, fire starter, compass, folding pliers, survival blanket, survival whistle, bottle clip, carabiner and many more.

3. Verifygear Survival Kit 17 in 1 Professional Survival Gear

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

All separate gear pieces in this survival kit are made of great quality, giving them enough sturdiness to withstand nature’s power, thus allowing them to be reused many times. Since you get this package for a low-budget and you won’t be needing to use it every time you go outdoors, it is definitely a great purchasing decision.

Since all of the featured items can safely be stored in it and the box itself takes away almost to no space and is very light, taking it with you is just a question of where to easily store it. Either put it into your survival backpack, car, garage or anywhere you think you might find a use for it at some time.

This survival kit has great reviews overall. Most claim that it has everything a person would need in a survival situation. It is also promoted as a great gift for anyone who might find an active use for it.

Verifygear Survival Kit List:

Flashlight, 2x screwdriver tool, water bottle buckle, waterproof box, tungsten fountain pen, tactical compass, multifunction spoon, wire saw, survival bracelet, fire bellow, fire starter, ruler, multifunctional card, D buckle, survival blanket, military survival knife

4. WEREWOLVES Emergency Survival Kit 40 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

The brand that manufactures this survival emergency kit goes far lengths to give their customers the quality they deserve. All of the separate gear pieces are tested to offer durability, consistency and most important of all safety.

One of the most amazing features that make this one of the best survival kits out there is that it includes 40 different options you can use! Just this fact alone gives it great reviews and huge popularity.

Everything is safely stored in a small bag which you can fit anywhere you can think of. Store it in your glove department, trunk, garage or safely in your tactical backpack.

WEREWOLVES Survival Kit List:

Survival whistle, 2x gauze, raincoat, paracord, 5x band-aid, compass, wire saw, fire starter, carabiner, 6x fishing tools, tactical pen, 2x ignition cotton, 10x alcohol pad, paracord bracelet, survival blanket, survival knife, spork, multifunctional card, waterproof carrying case, flashlight.

5. GTOMIPO Survival Gear Kit 59 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

Another great survival kit containing an amazing 59 different functions you can use outdoors. Not only do you get countless different options on how to survive in the wild, but also experience the outdoors with tools, which can increase your comfort.

The separate gear pieces are made from good quality materials, which makes them durable and reliable. It is promised to withstand even the hardest of conditions.

People love this product especially because of its many different tasks it can master and the size of the bag, which is small enough to fit it anywhere.

GTOMIPO Survival Kit List:

Fire starter, tactical pen, cartridge, knife, flashlight, blow fire tube, thermal blanket, survival whistle, spork, wire saw, bottle hanging buckle, survival fishing kit, multifunctional card, survival bracelet, notebook, self-sealing bags, first aid kit, paracord and case.

6. Gearrific 26-Piece Watertight Survival Kit

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

The next item made it to our list because of 1 distinctive feature – it is very lightweight and small, making it perfect for people who want to go outdoors, but don’t want to take a lot of gear with them. The watertight box, in which all the listed gear pieces come in, can fit even in a small space like a drawer in your house.

It is easily visible since it is colored in a bright green color. The insides are cushioned, which protects the individual gear pieces when traveling.

Its reviews are great and it is marketed as a great gift for teenagers who like to go camping or traveling outdoors.

Gearrific Survival Kit List:

Flashlight, survival pen, pocket saw, thermal blanket, compass, tourniquet, fishing hooks, 2x bait floats/bobbers, fishing line, 2x safety pin, needle, 2x paper clip, 2x egg weight, 2x fishing swivel, survival whistle, fire starter, signal mirror, case

7. Ronin Outdoors Survival Kit Tactical Camping Gear 14 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

Another widely appreciated survival kit among survivalists. This product features many different options for you to survive out in the open. The case it comes in is small in size, allowing you to safely store it anywhere you want.

People love this product and are giving it a great review. Most of its popularity comes because of the good quality it is made of. Sturdy and reliable in many different disaster situations.

It is also a great choice to buy it as a gift for anyone who might appreciate this kind of present. Overall it has a great rating on the market and a big community of users.

Ronin Outdoors Survival Kit List:

Paracord bracelet, knife, tourniquet, flashlight, multifunctional card, thermal blanket, carabiner, fire starter, scraper, needle nose pliers, plastic box, survival whistle, bottle holder and wire saw.

8. LEVORY J Survival Gear and Equipment 30 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

Looking for something simple to help you out in a tough situation? Look no further, because this product will satisfy your needs. A small case containing all the things you might need in a survival situation. It fits easily in your survival backpack, thus making it an effective gear piece to carry around for when disaster strikes.

This product also gives a lot of attention to getting food out in the wild, since it is well equipped with fishing equipment, making this item also a survival fishing kit.

Customers highly rated this survival kit because of its handiness and overall multifunctionality. Since it has a fairly low price, they bought several and gave them to their friends in the form of a gift.

LEVORY J Survival Kit List:

Fire starter, knife, flashlight, tactical pen, compass, thermal blanket, wire saw, water bottle clip, survival whistle, spork, blow fire tube, 2x carabiner, rope, multifunctional card, keychain light, waterproof box, 2x fishing floats, fishing swivels, 2x fishing weights, 2x fishing lines, 2x fishing hooks, 2x safety pins, bait and tinder.

9. XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit 13 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

If you want something as your first outdoor multifunctional kit, perhaps this product might interest you. It comes in a small container that includes everything you might need out in the wild. Made from quality materials and manufactured to be durable and reliable.

Its added emergency blanket will help you retain most of your body heat, while the fire starter will give you the option to make a fire, thus additionally warming you.

Cut wood easily with the wire saw to get some materials to burn and find your way back to society with the help of the compass.

All in all, a practical piece of gear that you can easily store in your survival backpack or bug out bag.

XUANLAN Survival Kit List:

Thermal blanket, fire starter, scraper, multifunctional card, compass, survival whistle, flashlight, survival bracelet and box.

10. YTY Survival Gear Kit 69 in 1

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

TOP 10 Best Survival Kits 2022

The last item on our list has a great rating and is overall very popular among its buyers. Just the fact that you get 69 different functions in a small case, which is easily transportable, gives it the edge above other emergency kits.

Use this product either for when disaster strikes to get out alive or give it to someone as a gift. The quality is good, especially the knife! Since many brands tend to lower the quality so they can offer their product at a lower price, it is important to mention that this survival gear kit comes up to its expectations.

If you want to read more about all of its features, click the button for more information.

YTY Survival Kit List:

Fire starter, cartridge, tactical pen, knife, flashlight, thermal blanket, hemp tinder tube, blow fire tube, survival whistle, spork, bottle hanging buckle, wire saw, multifunctional card, carabiner, survival bracelet, notebook, first aid kit, paracord and case.


Making it out of a disaster situation alive can be a matter of preparedness. A survival kit might just be the game-changer that you need. In this case, better to be prepared than sorry.

We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.