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TOP 5 Best Survival Fishing Kits 2023

    Best Survival Fishing Kits

    Best Survival Fishing Kits Buying Guide & Reviews

    If you are planning a camping or fishing trip, a good thing to always bring with you is a fishing survival kit. There are many ways it can come in handy, be it a life-threatening situation or you simply stumble upon an unknown lake in the mountains where you can catch wild trout and make a nice meal.

    It is fairly easy to use so don’t worry that you don’t have the skillset. All you need to know is how to tie a hook on your line and find some bait to use if you didn’t bring any with you. As you are already in nature, it shouldn’t be hard to find some worms to use as bait.

    Also, you don’t need to worry about the weight and space the fishing survival kit will consume as most are rather small and lightweight, designed to fit in your side pocket on your backpack. Most kits include hooks, line, jigs, jigheads, spoons, lures, split shots, and bobbers. Also, in some survival fishing kits, you have a knot tying instruction sheet.

     5 Best Survival Fishing Kits You Can Buy:

    1. Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit

    The Best Glide ASE Store really did a good job when it comes to this product. It is straightforward as it includes all the basic items you need with you. Made out of high-quality materials it is very durable, usable for many trips.

    The tin container is waterproof, including a rubber seal on the interior. On the exterior, you have a vinyl tape seal and a silica gel desiccant for moisture absorption. The dimensions are 3.7 x 2 x 1 inches and weigh 1.6 ounces.

    It is one of the smallest available survival fishing kits, so if you need to save space, this is the right choice.

    The Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit includes:

    – 2 Bobbers
    – 6 Split shots
    – 1 Leader
    – 1 Fly
    – 6 Hooks
    – 1 Tube of salmon eggs
    – 2 Jigheads
    – 2 Jigs

    2. Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit

    The Uncle Flint’s survival fishing kit is one of the more versatile kits out there. It offers 63 pieces of fishing supplies. Also, you get way more and stronger line in this kit than in others.

    It includes 50 ft. of 20 lb. strength test and 50 ft. of 40 lb. strength test line. It is packed in a sturdy container with a hinged lid, measuring 4.25″ x 3.125″ x 1″.

    You also get a MiniScraper single edge razor blade and plastic holder in this kit, which comes in handy in certain situations and you won’t find it on other fishing survival kits.

    The Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit includes:

    – 1 Fishing knot tying instruction sheet
    – 1 Heavy-duty aluminum foil
    – 1 MiniScraper single edge razor blade and plastic holder
    – 4 Large safety pins
    – 10 Split shots
    – 2 Bobbers
    – 4 Steel leaders
    – 8 Snap swivels
    – 19 Hooks
    – 1 Spoon lure
    – 1 Spinning lure
    – 6 Twist tail lures
    – 1 Fly lure
    – 4 Jigheads
    – 2 50 ft. lines

    3. BCB Survival Fishing Kit

    If you are on a budget and looking for a simple and basic fishing kit, which isn’t complicated and doesn’t contain many products, then this is the right choice. It contains only 10 basic essential items, yet covers everything you need to catch a fish.

    This kit is suggested for short time period camping or fishing trips. It comes with quality made plastic line winder, allowing you to control your line more easily and catch more fish.

    It comes in a durable plastic pouch, which is resealable, measuring 3″ x 5.25″, and weighs around 2.3 oz.

    The BCB Survival Fishing Kit includes:

    – 1 118 ft. line
    – 1 Winder
    – 2 Hooks
    – 2 Swivels
    – 2 Sinkers
    – 2 Lures

    4. Rule The Wasteland Survival Fishing Kit

    This fishing kit is a little bit more advanced as it offers many items, some of them not necessarily needed for survival fishing, yet they come in handy in any disaster survival situation. It contains mini-folding pliers multi-tool and razor blades, which you won’t find in many other fishing survival kits.

    Also, it contains more lures than other kits, so if you are experienced in that area of fishing, this may suit you better.

    The package this kit comes in is interesting, as it is a round-shaped waterproof tin. The dimensions of the tin are 3.25 x 3.25 x 1.13 inches and it weighs 4 oz.

    The Rule The Wasteland Survival Fishing Kit includes:

    – 2 Razor blades
    – 3 Wire leaders
    – 6 Split shots
    – 3 Egg sinkers
    – 1 Jighead
    – 3 Barrel swivels
    – 12 Bobber stoppers
    – 1 Minnow lure
    – 3 Tail grub lures
    – 2 Crappie lures
    – 3 glow in the dark grub lures
    – 1 Fly lure
    – 3 Bobbers
    – 33 Hooks
    – 2 Lines
    – 1 Mini Pliers Folding Multi-tool
    – 1 Waterproof aluminum tin

    5. OFF GRID TOOLS Mini Fishing B.O.S.S Bug Out Bag Survival Fishing Kit

    This kit offers great quality and value for the money and it covers everything you are looking for in your fishing kit.

    It contains 100 yards of fishing line, which is more than what other kits are offering. Like the kit above, this one also has multi-tool mini pliers.

    It contains also 5 salmon eggs, which comes in handy if you are fishing for salmon or steelhead.

    The OFF GRID TOOLS Mini Fishing B.O.S.S Bug Out Bag Survival Fishing Kit contains:

    – 1 100 yards and 1 2 feet line
    – 1 Folding multi-tool
    – 5 Salmon eggs
    – 2 Artificial grubs
    – 2 Artificial lures
    – 5 Swivels
    – 2 Jigheads
    – 15 Hooks
    – 10 Weights
    – 1 Float

    Here’s a video explaining how to use one of the kits mentioned below and actually catch fish:


    I hope we helped you decide which fishing survival kit suits you best. Remember, it is always a good idea to have one in your backpack or bug out bag as you never know, your relaxing camping trip can turn in a moment into a survival situation.

    You get stranded, your car breaks down, you get lost or the weather turns from good to worse, having the kit in your emergency bag can save your life. Having a good fire starter to prepare food is also essential.

    If you are a true survivor, we also offer more articles on this topic. Feel free to head over to our main page and find something interesting to read.