TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

Survival Food Kits Buying Guide & Reviews

Imagine a situation happening when you least expect it. It could be anything from simply being lost in the woods to anything as big as a hurricane. In such misfortunate events, you are always wondering how to get out of it well and alive.

Many times the main problem is where to get food and water, especially if the possibility exists that it might take a while for help to arrive or for you to find a way out. But how can you always guarantee a food and water supply for when disaster strikes?

One of the best solutions would be having a survival food kit somewhere at hand. Depending on your wish of where you want it stored and for how long it should last, they come in various shapes, sizes, and content.

To make the search easier we checked the market for this particular item type and made a list of the TOP 5 best products you can find online.

1. Sustain Supply Co.-9-08420 Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

Not only does this survival set contain food, but also other useful items for surviving in a sticky situation. Also added are 4 survival water straws, a portable stove, a fire-starting device, tinder, snaplights, a LED lantern, and more.

It promises 3 days of sustainability for up to 4 people. This item is most suitable when going outdoors for a few days with friends or family and wanting to be prepared for every occasion. Because of the bag, in which you can fit in everything perfectly, you have all the mentioned items in one place ready to go.

People love this set, because they have all they need for an outdoor adventure in 1 backpack. It saves a lot of time since you don’t have to purchase every item separately!

2. Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

One of the top leading preparedness packs on the market from Wise Company. Containing food for 124 servings and promising different varieties of food, from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

It sets a whole new standard for long-lasting food storage since it has a shelf life of 25 years! If you are looking for something for a “just in case” scenario, this would be a good pick.

One of the benefits is also that it only takes up to 15 minutes to prepare the meal without cooking – just add water! Everything is stored in 4 serving pouches and altogether placed in a ready-to-go bucket, which can be stored anywhere.

Not to mention its practical single packs, which you can take with you on hikes, camping trips, or anywhere you think it would be useful.

3. NuManna INT-NMFPGF 126 Meals, Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

One of the long-lasting emergency food kits, since it has a shelf life of 25 years. Totally chemical-free recipes used for the creation of these long-lasting food packages, all stored in a big bucket, making it easily transportable.

One of the things buyers love about this item is its diversity. It contains different types of pasta, different chilis and more, all made without GMOs, soy, aspartame and high fructose corn syrup.

This fact makes it viable for even the pickiest consumers. All in all, it contains 126 meals, which you can distribute however you want, whenever you want and for whatever situation you want.

4. LaunchPro Emergency Food, Water & Thermal Blanket

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

Although one of the smaller packages of survival food kits on this list, it still promises high effectiveness in dire situations. Having a 5-year shelf life and containing food for at least 3 days, it is mostly used for camping trips and any kind of trips involving going outdoors away from society.

It is very practical since it is stored in a small box, making it easy to store in a car, backpack, or any smaller terrain with limited space. The kit also includes a thermal blanket, which can harness 90% of your body heat, making it very useful for rainy and cold environments.

People love it because of the low price and the option of adding it to their existing supplies.

5. Emergency Zone 4 Person Family Prep 72 Hour Survival Kit/Go-Bag

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

TOP 5 Best Survival Food Kits 2022

One of the fewer emergency survival food kits that refer directly to family use. It is meant as a life-saving option for disasters like pandemics, hurricanes, earthquakes, and many more.

Resources last for a minimum of 3 days and include water and food. The edibles are rich in calories, good tasting, and require no additional water or warming up to prepare.

It was also US Coast Guard approved and has up to 5 years of shelf life. The whole survival kit comes with an emergency guidebook, where you can find valuable information on how to survive certain catastrophes like storms, wildfire, pandemics, and many more.


As you found out from the article above, these survival food kits have many different contents, with various types of food, which can last from many days to up to many years.

Depending on your surroundings you can find the right product for you. Perhaps it will save your life one day!

If you want to know more about how to survive outdoors and in various unplanned situations, browse our page for more interesting articles.