TOP 5 Best Survival Water Filter Straws 2022

Best Survival Water Filter Straws

Best Survival Water Filter Straws

Survival Water Filter Straws Buying Guide & Reviews

Sixty percent of our body is made out of water. Human beings, like any other living creature, need drinkable water every day in our lives in order to function and survive. You can go for three weeks without food, but without water, you will be dead in three to four days.

For most of us, drinkable water is a common thing, as we can simply buy it at the store for very low prices or simply pour it from our faucets. In some places in the world, people aren’t so lucky and they struggle to provide drinkable water for themselves and their family every day. That’s why products such as water filter straws are really important and a step in the right direction.

Imagine what an impact one water filter straw can make in a water-deprived African village. Also, the water filter straw is a must-have item for survivalists, campers, hikers, and more. Instead of carrying liters of water with you for a two to three days camping trip you can simply bring a lightweight water filter straw and make drinkable water out of any water source such as lakes or streams.

Also, it is a must-have item for your emergency or bug out bag. If you get lost while in the outdoors with no drinkable water on you, the water filter straw will definitely save your life.

Please note that you cannot use the water filter straw in salt, brackish, or chemically contaminated water. In this post we will review the top five best survival water filter straws, so you can choose which one suits you best.

1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

TOP 5 Best Survival Water Filter Straws 2022

Without using chemicals or iodine, the LifeStaw will provide you with 3000 liters (792 gallons) of drinkable water. It filters bacteria, parasites and microplastics making any water safe to drink.

The LifeStraw is very light-weight, weighing only 56 grams ( 2 oz.) and can fit in most small pockets on your backpack. No batteries or pumping is needed when using this essential survival tool.

You can use this product for a long time as one straw can filter more water than you drink in a year.

Currently, the LifeStraw promises that for every product you buy, a school child in need receives drinkable water for a whole year.

2. Membrane Solutions Straw Water Filter

This water filter straw provides you with 1500 liters (396 gallons) of drinkable water, which means it has a long life span and you can use it for years. It won’t consume almost any space, as it is lightweight and slim, fitting in almost any pocket.

It has a four-stage filtration system:

At stage one, the screen pre-filter provides the first defense against any large sediments.

At stage two, the pp nonwovens filter out any small impurities.

The antibacterial activated carbon at stage three absorbs and removes the odor.

Stage four is the ultrafilter. It removes 99.99% percent of the waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of the waterborne parasites.

3. SurvivaIStraw Water Filter Straw

The SurvivalStraw comes in three colors, army green, navy blue and sky blue. It effectively filters up to 2000 liters (530 gallons) of water.

You can use it like a straw and drink straight from the cup or bottle, or simply connect it to the lake or stream. The SurvivalStraw is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The filtration system is made of four advanced filters. The pre-filter, activated carbon filter, micron hollow fiber UF membrane and a high poly iodine resin filter.

4. EHS Water Filter Straw

The EHS water filter straw is unique because it comes with free 24-inch tubing, which means you can drink away from the water source. You can attach the tube to both the inlet and outlet.

At the inlet, you can easily attach standard screw top water bottles. It is lightweight, weighing 68 grams (2.4 oz.) and almost 20 centimeters long (8 inches).

Extreme accuracy filters filter 99,99% of particles in the water. The filter capacity is 1000 liters (264 gallons).

5. Essential Values Personal Water Filter

The Essential Values personal water filter is made out of BPA free plastic and uses a 4 stage water filtration system.

It has all the features you are looking for. The filter capacity is 1500 liters (396 gallons). You can connect the straw to most water bottles and water bags.

Fairly lightweight and small, fitting into any side pocket on your backpack.

How to use them?

First, find a water source. Suggested water sources are lakes and streams. Avoid chemically contaminated waters. Also, you cannot use the straw with saltwater.

Open the straw on both sides and let it stand in the water for around thirty seconds, keeping the mouthpiece dry. Take five quick sips and repeat the process.

How to clean them?

If you properly clean your water straw it will last you longer but also the quality of water will stay the same as the first day you use it.

First, blow air through the filter to keep it clean and prevent it from clogging. Cover both sides.

When at home, rinse it with clean water multiple times. Dry it and keep it in a dry and clean space with temperatures below 30°C (86°F).


Hopefully, you found all the information you were looking for in a survival water filter straw. The water straw is an essential tool when it comes to surviving. It is lightweight and getting one won’t cost you much.

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